Wrestling information sheet

Wrestling is a combat sport involving many types of techniques like throws,takedown, and pins.Wrestling is a physical competition, between two competitors who attempt gain and maintain a superior position.

 Types of  Wrestling:

Oil wrestling: 

oil wrestlingOil wrestling is a famous style of wrestling,which is regarded as national sport of turkey. It is also known as grease wrestling.It is called oil wrestling because the wrestler douse themselves with oil. The wrestlers are known as pehalvan which meant ‘champion’ who wears a type of hand stiched lederhosen called bispet.This type of wrestling is much as seen in india.




Sambo is a martial art that originated in Russia in 20th century. It is for self defence without in russia.it is a combination of two international wrestling styles of greeco-roman and freestyle of judo,jujitsu.It is similar of judo with variety of leglocks and defence.



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